CFD Combustion group

CFD combustion modelling group is a part of Power engineering and energy management chair at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb. The CFD group activities are focused on the research and development of numerical models and simulation tool FIRE™, which can provide detailed insight into the complex interacting physical and chemical processes required for design and optimization of the various combustion systems.

Research topics

  • Spray and combustion modelling
  • Pollutant foramtion and removal modelling
  • Surface interface modelling with the Volume of fluide methode
  • Wall film formation
  • Coal, biomass and waste combustion
  • Modelling of calcination process
  • Modelling of autoingition and chemistry kinetics
  • Radiation modelling

  • Experimental equipment and computational resources

  • 5 workstations with 24 CPU

  • Website